Stratagem nets basketball analysts

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At Stratagem, we are continually looking for ways to grow and build on our sports prediction portfolio and we’re pleased to announce new members to the Stratagem team to help bring our Basketball Analysis division into play. We’d like to welcome brothers Jake and Caelin Kaplan as leading Analysts to our team.

Focusing on distilling their in-depth understanding of basketball, Jake and Caelin will analyse games and create databases of match and player statistics. Using this data, they’ll develop and code machine learning techniques to improve the success of our prediction models and help us predict the outcomes of games better than ever. The pair will be hard at work with their surrounding team, developing various quantitative models that will help us better predict variables including the handicap and over/under outcomes of games in NBA, Euroleague, NCAA Basketball and more.

Jake has a degree in Computer Science from Franklin & Marshall College and Caelin graduated from Union College with a BA in Economics and Russian Studies (Cum Laude). Sharing a fierce passion for basketball alongside their love for data, the two used their expertise to develop a strategy for betting on NCAA Basketball games which involved implementing machine learning algorithms that predicted upsets in March Madness. They achieved this through exploiting the fact that during this period, many teams had never before been matched against each other, causing certain teams from the elite ‘Power 7’ to be overvalued and teams from relatively unknown conferences to be undervalued.

Their background in computer science and economics and passion for thinking outside the box to solve problems makes them a perfect fit for the Stratagem team. We’re excited to bring their ingenuity, intricate knowledge of the sport and passion for success on board.

Top tip from Caelin: “My favourite NBA player is Kawhi Leonard. Someday he may go down as the best defensive wing player the NBA has ever seen.” One to watch for the future.