Tennis modelling ace, Pietro Smacchia, joins Stratagem

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Tennis is one of the biggest sports trading markets out there, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the expert understanding they need to tap into it. We’re proud to welcome tennis modelling expert Pietro Smacchia to our team, marking a great stride in advancement of our cutting-edge tennis quantitative sport analysis expertise.

With a PhD in Statistical Physics from the International School for Advanced Studies in Italy, Pietro continued his studies by earning a Post-Doctorate at Rutgers University where he studied Out of Equilibrium Quantum Systems whilst also working within a startup focused on Big Data and consulting companies within the financial sector. Pietro’s role in the company will be dealing with the construction and maintenance of predictive models for sport events and trading strategies.

His talents in implementing machine learning will boost our growing Tennis Analysis team, where he’ll be coding in-play tennis models looking to predict events in live matches and deadball models to predict outcomes prior to the start of the game. The predictive models he’ll build will not only lead to a more profitable trading strategy but also give us a better understanding of the game itself, such as what variable have the biggest influence on the success of tennis players.

Tennis trading with Stratagem offers a profitable edge for our clients. Compared to other sports, tennis holds a number of advantages. First of all, the number of players involved is only two, so the number of variables one has to take into account is inherently less and the number of possible outcomes is limited, resulting in successful match prediction by our powerful algorithms. Finally, the structure of the match itself makes it easier to collect meaningful statistics and identify crucial moments and situations to leverage.

With Pietro’s in-depth understanding of the sport and experience working at dynamic startups, we’re looking forward to what his talents increasing the performance of our investors and customers.