Stratagem launches Premium Recommendations

Tagged: Strategy, Technology

Stratagem is proud to announce a brand new cutting-edge sports trading product to our portfolio with the launch of Premium Recommendations. The service unlocks access to our sophisticated wagering recommendations covering 22 professional football competitions spanning the globe, ensuring our clients have a strategic advantage to their sports trading decisions.

Our approach is unique because it combines advanced machine learning technology, meticulous qualitative analysis and final-say validation from our expert trading team. Premium Recommendations is a whole different ball game compared to unaccountable ‘tipster’ websites that use rudimentary techniques to form predictions. Our talented team at Stratagem have developed a three-step process ensuring the only the highest calibre of recommendations are sent to clients:

  • Our machine learning models scan the schedule three days in advance and produce a signal depending on factors such as price/value, form/statistical trends and goal times/game state behaviours.
  • The signals are sent to our analysis team, who screen them by observing the same elements from a qualitative perspective, expanding the view to consider things such as team news, psychology and tactics.
  • Signals that pass the screening phase are then finally sent on to our trading team, who evaluate all of the factors discussed before deciding which recommendations will be sent.

In full transparency we provide a full track record of results and successful predictions. In further confidence in our product, we only send recommendations that we have traded on ourselves. Premium Recommendations is the product of unparalleled insight from a quantitative research group containing 10 PhDs, an army of 50 football analysts and an expert trading team. We’re excited to bring our clients a product that transcends standard match data analysis, and deliver unmatched results.

Premium Recommendations is available for £29 as a first-month introductory offer, £99 per month thereafter: