The Sports Trading takeaway from ICE Totally Gaming 2017

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ICE Totally Gaming 2017 at Excel, London, is the largest gaming show in the world. Last year the event had 28,487 attendees walk through their doors to see the biggest names in the industry showcase their products. Stratagem has innovation and disruption as core values of the business, so we were eager to see what’s making waves in the sphere of sports trading and the latest developments throughout the rest of the gaming world.

The principle trend that we took away was the industry is looking closer than ever at how new data products and technology will impact the gaming space. There’s a number of companies that strive to deliver insight to clients to keep them engaged, but there needs to be a differentiator. The insatiable hunger for new and engaging content, needs to be matched with a personalised aspect. It’s services that demonstrate a bespoke content offering for customers that benefit from loyalty, repeat business, peer recommendation and, ultimately, keep them from straying to a competitor.

It can be difficult discussing bleeding-edge technology with potential clients as there is an air of the unknown, but what shines through with Stratagem is that we’re in a unique position of providing insightful sporting data unlike anyone else. That, in itself, demands attention. Our service of delivering pre-event recommendations but also in-play trading alerts means our content can be made personal to the customer depending on who they support and what sports, leagues, teams or even markets they like to wager on. Say that we have a customer that supports Newcastle that loves trading on corner markets, Stratagem is able to tailor the recommendations to suit his personal preferences.

There was also a lot of buzz surrounding our advanced trading data. Our method of combining quantitative and qualitative analysis from sport experts with our AI and machine learning developed by leading data scientists give us unparalleled insight into how the markets will evolve. This allows bookmakers to manage their prices and risk more accurately than the major gaming operators can currently manage. We offer this data across 22 leagues throughout the world and we’re always looking to expand our sporting analysis portfolio.

As we close on a highly successful event, Stratagem strides ahead to continue our mission to evolve sports trading as we know it. We look forward to what we can show to the gaming world for ICE 2018.