Stratagem is reimagining sports trading by leveraging science and technology to turn it into an alternative asset class. We believe that with our unique approach the sports trading market will become an appealing and profitable arena for investment.

Our rigorous financial reporting and dynamic risk management allows us to offer uncorrelated returns in the intersecting space between finance and sports. We aspire to a class-leading standard of professionalism in everything we do and we maintain pro-active relationships with the regulators in the jurisdictions in which we operate.

We have a global team of more than 80 experts in the fields of science, sports and trading, ranging from leading academics to former traders at leading financial institutions. Our love of sport is matched only by our passion for the science and data behind it. Our intelligent predictive models, detailed analytical content and multiple liquidity streams provide a revolutionary view of the sports trading market.

"This may be the next ‘step up’ in the market after the introduction of the betting exchange by Betfair.”

Cristian Comsa, Fund Derivatives Trading Director, Unicredit