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Dev Ops & Python Engineer for Sports

  • London
  • Dependent on previous experience


Stratagem Technologies is an established sports betting technology startup looking for an innovative Python Developer to enhance the development of our automated trading and execution system and scalable data processing infrastructure.

This position will involve the continued development, streamlining and automation of our trading system, data processing frameworks, smart execution engine, backtesting system and high frequency bookmaker APIs using various Python libraries. Our main trading system infrastructure is written in Python / Cython, and we handle large amounts of data and use databases such as Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis and message queue RabbitMQ. We also run a Spark cluster, and use Ansible to help manage / standardize our servers. The role will focus on better standardization of our servers and distributed job scheduling including enhancing the usability for internal users of our Spark cluster.

You will ideally have some experience with infrastructure ops / automating and managing development environments. Some experience with big data including Spark, Apache Mesos, and Ansible or other configuration management systems is also preferred. Experience and fluency in Python is also ideal.

The frameworks and systems described above are at the core of what we at Stratagem work with and are integral to our company. We are a growing and innovative technology company at the intersection of finance and sports betting. You will be smart and able to get stuff done, but you’ll also want to contribute ideas and expand horizons.

Joining a startup, this is your chance to get in early and make your mark. You’ll have autonomy to make decisions and to work how you want to work, allowing you to deliver results as efficiently as possible. Want to explore new technologies? No Problem. Want to learn new skills? Even Better. We want you to be hungry to push the horizons; both ours and yours.

Skills & Requirements

Most of all you will enjoy coding and take real pride in developing awesome software. You will enjoy learning, are likely to be active on StackOverflow and almost certainly will like to experiment with new technologies, languages and libraries outside of your day job. Open source projects which can demonstrate your skills will be highly regarded.

At least 3yrs of industry or academic experience is preferred. Ideally with some portion of the experience in infrastructure ops and working on distributed / big data systems ideally in Python. Some experience with big data including Spark, Apache Mesos, and Ansible or other configuration management systems is also preferred. Experience with MongoDB, Redis, or Cassandra is also ideal.

We would expect a relatively good science based degree (2:1 or better) but recognise that not everyone takes the same career path. Age and experience are no barrier if you can demonstrate passion and skill. Individuals with an entrepreneurial flair will be particularly appreciated we want someone who takes our visions and makes them better.

And if you enjoy sports all the better!

How to apply

To apply for this role, please email your CV to

Tell us why you would be a good fit for the Stratagem team and how working for Stratagem will help achieve both our goals and yours. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview and will be required to demonstrate proficiency by completing a technical exercise.

We respectfully note that we will not be retaining recruitment consultant for this position and will simply not reply to unsolicited applications or enquiries from such parties.