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Reinforcement Learning Intern


We are looking for Masters/PhD level highly motivated intern to work on developing reinforcement learning algorithms to solve problems with high-dimensional state and/or action spaces. The emphasis is on learning a representation that is suitable for decision making.

The candidate should have a strong background on reinforcement learning/approximate dynamic programming, machine learning/statistics with a particular focus on deep learning and representation learning, and good programming skills. The candidate should be comfortable implementing the prototypes of the developed algorithms in Python.

Our Quantitative Research Team works to develop and implement statistical models for analysing and predicting the outcome of sporting events.  We use the signals generated by these models to inform sports betting by professional traders.

Candidates with in-depth sports knowledge, experience of modelling sporting events or experience in financial quantitative analysis are particularly encouraged to apply. Equally we are seeking candidates eager to take their first steps on a career path, or looking to move from an academic to a commercial environment.


Stratagem was founded in 2012 and represents the culmination of knowledge and expertise derived from a wealth of experience in both the financial markets and the sports betting industry.  In 2015 the company was named one of the 20 Most Promising Sports Technology Solutions Providers by CIO Review.


We are seeking talented and motivated candidates with a background or experience in computational statistical modelling and / or machine learning.  You will join us to work with a group of high-achieving quantitative researchers who love sport and who love solving difficult problems. You will be able to demonstrate your abilities through tangible work and discrete projects, with constant feedback from real world events and you should be confident enough to contribute ideas and challenge assumptions from your first day.

You will have achieved a Masters or Phd in a scientific subject with considerable statistical or data science content. This will be backed up by an excellent first degree.

While applicants are likely to have specialist skills in specific areas, we want team players who love what they do and are willing to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Our existing technology utilises Python, C++ and MongoDB, and where possible we use open source technologies. However, we strongly believe in using the right tool for the job, so are always open to new approaches that present the opportunity to improve business value.


We respectfully note that we will not be retaining recruitment consultant for this position and will simply not reply to unsolicited applications or enquiries from such parties.