StrataBet is a football betting app that combines predictive algorithms with human analysis to show you the best betting opportunities. Save time on research with betting signals, real-time insights and expert pre-match analysis.

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Our revolutionary trading platform is loaded with powerful content and unique features to enhance your edge. From intelligent predictive models and data-driven recommendations, to supremely detailed analytical content; it represents and the most rigorous approach to trading in the industry.

StrataPro is increasingly harnessing adaptive Artificial Intelligence and real-world data to predict highly accurate outcomes and help amplify your trading success. With multiple liquidity streams, real-time price data and coverage of 22 professional football competitions, the future of sports trading is here.

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Our approach is unique because it combines advanced machine learning technology, meticulous qualitative analysis and final-say validation from our expert trading team. StrataTips is a whole different ball game compared to unaccountable ‘tipster’ websites that use rudimentary techniques to form predictions. Our talented team at Stratagem have developed a three-step process ensuring the only the highest calibre of recommendations are sent to clients:

  1. Our machine learning models scan the schedule three days in advance and produce a signal depending on factors such as price/value, form/statistical trends and goal times/game state behaviours.
  2. The signals are sent to our analysis team, who screen them by observing the same elements from a qualitative perspective, expanding the view to consider things such as team news, psychology and tactics.
  3. Signals that pass the screening phase are then finally sent on to our trading team, who evaluate all of the factors discussed before deciding which recommendations will be sent.

For complete transparency we provide a full track record of results and successful predictions.

We’re excited to bring our clients a product that transcends standard match data analysis, and deliver unmatched results.

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Our API contains event, market, price, player and team data from over 10,000 matches played in 22 professional football competitions. It also includes every preview and review written by our in-house team of experts and is underpinned by our proprietary analyst data set StrataData.

StrataData is captured by professional analysts and is designed to drill down into the key events on the pitch. Situations like goals, chances and corners are tagged with XY coordinates and delivered seamlessly to our clients who to allow them to improve their own models.

Asset Management

We are leveraging our deep experience trading multiple asset classes in global financial markets and our proprietary sports trading expertise to help build an institutional asset management business focused on automated sports trading.

Sports trading is particularly attractive as an asset class because it offers an investment opportunity that is:

  • completely uncorrelated to the economy
  • short duration – the majority of the investments have durations of under two hours
  • highly liquid – the fund’s assets are held as cash for the majority of the time
  • based on repeatable investment parameters

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The background and expertise of the Stratagem team are one of the finest in the sports analysis and trading industry and this shows across their products, especially the ratings they deliver.

Marcus Berry, Professional Sports Trader & Football In-Play Manager at Sky Betting and Gaming